Wiki Loves Earth to hugely reward photographers in 2019 contest

Wiki Loves Earth is an annual photography contest that seeks to garner scenic photos of natural landscapes and environment while providing an opportunity for participants to win both local and international prizes. Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA), is happy to officially present Ghana as a participating country this year.

Lake Volta Photo  By Sandister Tei  CC BY 3.0

The contest is scheduled to run from 15 May to 15 June 2019.

Ghana has a lot of natural heritage which hasn’t been well represented on Wikipedia and thus the importance to participate in this competition as a medium to showcase the beauty of Ghana to the world.

Ghana, regarded as the gateway to Africa, has scenic views of its forest reserves, waterfalls, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, caves, rivers, rocks and gardens in almost all of its regions. Just to mention a few, there’s Kakum national park in the Central region, Wli waterfalls and Mount Afadjato in the Volta region. Read more here

Ghanaians are encouraged to participate in this competition by embarking on individual or group photo hunting to capture this natural heritage.

Kakum National Park Photo  By User: Chiappnik

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