Nikki Samonas embarks on a free dinner date to support LuQuLuQu campaign – UNHCR

Taking a different initiative with the ‘Do It LuQuLuQu’ campaign, popular Ghanaian actress and TV show host Nikki Samonas who doubles as a UNHCR High Level Influencer in her quest to support over 13,000 refugees who live in the Ampain, Krisan, Egyeikrom and Fententa camps in Ghana with food, clothes, shelter and a good education is embarking on a donate to win a free dinner date campaign.

LuQuLuQu campaign

The term “LuQuLuQu” enlightens on the Africa philosophy of “Ubuntu”, “Ujamaa”, or “yi bi ma” – the spirit of sharing resources and caring for one another. It is a borderless movement that aims to redefine a better way of giving and involve for the first time on a global level, individuals to recreate the narrative of the African refugee.

According to her, it has always been a desire to help and support the needy in societies and has called on all non-governmental organizations and corporate bodies into donations, to help support refugees.

With her new initiative, Nikki urges Ghanaians and her fans to contribute to the campaign where the highest donor is rewarded with a free dinner date with her, this initiated is slated to end on 14th August 2018.

To make donations through MTN Mobile Money,

  1. Dail ‘*170#’
  2. Go to ‘Pay Bill’
  3. Select ‘General payment’
  4. Type ‘Nikki’
  5. Input ‘any amount you want to donate”

For more information contact:

Email: nikkisamonas@gmail.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/nikkisamonasofficial

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/nikkisamonas

Instagram: https://web.instagram.com/nikkisamonas 

Watch the campaign video below:

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