EL KoJo , the rapid developing rapper from the east.

Through loads of meetings, popular sentiments, and social media talks, it’s reasonable the majority from the east trust Elvis Kojo Yaboah with stage name EL KoJo as the one to take Kofcity and Eastern Region to an inconceivable level in terms of Rap.


EL Kojo who was born on the 10th of February at Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana is accepted to be one rapper who has never lost a fight. At whatever point another individual comes into town and needs to flaunt regarding rap EL KoJo will silence that rapper. That is why the vast majority of his fans call him Silence De Rapper.


In his days at SHS, EL KoJo lifted the flag of Koforidua Sec Tech up high cos he never loses a rap fight against his opponents from other schools.

Rapper EL KoJo




The inquiry presently is, between EL KoJo and Koo Ntakra who is the genuine King of Kofcity.


He said “I regard Koo Ntakra as a sibling, respect him for his tireless work and pushing Kofcity high. Yet, lyrically I won’t state he is best or I am superior to him. My fans have their motivation behind why they think I am the best and same apply to his fans. My people say I am the beast of the east and I think I love that.”


The YSMR/MagicMindx craftsman who is notable for his hit track Maale PkooPkaa which was delivered by Hype Lyrix said we should look out for more joint efforts this year.

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