Blowing the mind of Ghanaians, Amerado and his Yeete Nsem rap series

Yeete Nsem – The generational change in the Ghanaian music industry has seen most rappers like Kofi Kinaata, Fameye, and Kuami Eugene divert from rap music to highlife (as singers).

Unlike when these singers need a rapper to get an assured hit song or breakthrough in the music industry, nowadays the story is vice versa.

The change is a result of Ghanaians loving to dance more and sing along to the current trend of music.

But Ghanaian rapper Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, popularly known as Amerado in showbiz, has introduced a weekly release of rap songs that tackle all the top trends in the country titled ‘Yeete Nsem’.

The series which come with videos are tailored along with the model of newscasting but delivered in rap fashion.

Since he started about 17 weeks ago with 17 episodes now, he has gotten a lot of following and won the heart of many music lovers.

The Yeete Nsem concept

The concept is not really new. Asem, Obrafour, Gallaxy, and Wanlov have all used it before, in one way or the other.

For Asem, he only composed songs yearly to talk about what had happened in the entertainment industry.Obrafour did ‘Kasiebo’ with Guru, a piece that took the model of a news bulletin.

Wanlov, just like Asem, also has tried his hands on updates in the industry.

Asem had actually tweeted that he would sue Amerado for replicating his concept without his consent. Amerado and his management replied to him with a statement, intimating that ideas and concepts are not patented.

Amerado has a very endearing personality and style which makes it easy to watch him perform on any day.

He has explained that, just as journalists glean stories for their bulletins, he also keenly follows happenings in the country, takes note of them, and puts them together to make meaningful music.

One of the things that make his ‘Yeete Nsem’ songs nice is the versatility in beat, instrumentation, arrangement, and style.His beat producers are awesome. At least he has never sounded boring with beats because each episode comes with a completely different riding beat.

Even though he weaves the stories to sound entertaining, he tries not to over-embellish them. According to him, he is very careful not to distort any of the facts in his bid to make the song interesting to the listener.


In the past 17 weeks, the rap series has earned Amerado over 2.5 millions views and more than 50,000 subscribers on Youtube. In a recent post made on his verified Facebook page, he showed his analytics in August from Youtube showing over 1.1M+ views and 25K+ subscribers.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have also provided a total of over 2M+ views on Yeete Nsem since it started.

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