Bishop Denis Anane arrives in Ghana to empower the youth

Bishop Denis Anane, the General Overseer of the Revelation Power Ministries (USA) has arrived in Ghana to empower the youth. The youth as we all believe is the foundation of every strong and successful country.

In an interview, he disclosed that the youth are the future generation and are to be empowered to attain greater heights and capacity building in expanding God’s kingdom. He also added he is in Ghana to set up business conferences and train the youth to take over.

To the adults, he mentioned the need to leave a legacy. Most adults die with their visions, unlike the western world where people are living comfortably from enjoying the legacy of a dad or a granddad’s vision.

To him, setting up a foundation and business for the youth and the less privileged is his priority. “Prayer is the key and with God all things are possible” – he said.

Bishop Denis Anane is also an author with three books on the market. He writes on motivational, health and spiritual matters. He also runs a 24/7 online Christian radio that seeks to strengthen our faith through powerful sermons, music, testimonies and interviews.

Join him online via https://zeno.fm/bishop-anane-radio


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