Amerado to award fans with Mempe Challenge.

Mempe Challenge : Amerado for some time now has confessed his trust in has wavy song Mempe (or Menpe) as the song to introduce him to the mainstream.

According to the Ghanaian fast-rising rapper, the response from fans after dropping the song has been very massive, “this is my first song I have seen the ladies cheer to” – he said.

As a form of boasting the song, Amerado is embarking on a challenge to award the most loyal fans who could intensively spread the song across the social media platforms.

In short video with, he disclosed that fans are to make a 30 seconds snap video, post on social media with the hashtag #MempeChallenge and tag him on his official accounts which is Amerado Burner on Facebook and @amerado_burner on Twitter/Instagram.

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After repost, the fan with the highest views get Ghc 500, followed by Ghc 300 for the second and Ghc 200 for the third.

The one-month event is expected to end by 20th February 2019.

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